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1640 4th Ave. ⎥ Lake Odessa, MI ⎥ 48849

This year’s event is for ages 18 and older only.
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Layla-KayePatients need you! For thousands with blood cancers like leukemia or other diseases like sickle cell anemia, a marrow transplant is their only hope for life. If you have diverse ancestry, patients especially need you because they are most likely to match someone who shares their heritage.

Marrow Donor Registry Drive, Ages 18 to 44

Our Layla Kaye is a sweet, fun-loving, adventurous 10 year old little girl who was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Failure at five years old. Layla was immediately referred to MSU Hematology Clinic where she was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. Upon further evaluation at John Hopkins, we learned Layla has a rare form of Dyskeratosis Congenitia with Shortened Telomeres.

Now at 10 years old, Layla was referred to and visited the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital in May, 2015. We were informed Layla needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible.

For thousands of people with blood cancers or other diseases, a bone marrow transplant is their only hope for life. Layla is a 5th grader in Charlotte schools and needs a bone marrow donor. A bone marrow transplant is the only way to save her life.

Layla’s father is part Italian/Sicilian, Danish, English, Swedish; we’re especially looking for donors that share his lineage. Her mother is part French, German, Irish, Black-Dutch, and Cherokee Indian.

Donations are greatly appreciated:


Thank you so much!

Contact Information:
Jen Fuller
(517) 348-8302

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Dates & Location

July 7, 8 & 9 2016
Lake Odessa Fairgrounds
839 4th Ave.
Lake Odessa, MI 48849

7th Annual Thunder

Non Profit for kids with Cancer
in Michigan. We also donate every year
to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital
for cancer research.

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